At Jackobin, our professionals possess the knowledge to handle a variety of computer languages. These include COBOL, ASSEMBLER, CICS, RPG, DB2, EZTRIEVE, SAS and many more.

We will supply a team of consultants to handle every aspect of your legacy applications. Our experienced Project Managers, Team Leaders, Analysts, Programmers, Technical Writers and Trainers will assist you to keep those legacy applications maintained and in production. Our consultants have years of analytical experience and can provide the highest level of quality to our clientele. The analysis and documentation provided by our employees insure accuracy when future changes are required.

We will provide mainframe professionals committed to providing support whether in maintaining a mainframe based system or making the transition to Client/Server computing. Our consultants understand the importance of the co-existence of Legacy and Client/Server Systems. Our professionals know how to use your existing Legacy Mainframe Databases as servers, convert or migrate those Legacy Systems to new architectures, or tune and monitor the performance of your legacy systems.